Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

A Long & Tiring P-day

That was cool seeing Brother Durrant up on that stand giving the closing prayer at the Christmas Devotional. And those messages were amazing. I loved all the stories thay shared of people helping others. I also loved all their testimonies, but Eyring’s was especially good – I liked his a lot!

Today has been fun, but I am really tired! The Elders here in Huatulco played Soccer, Basketball, and Football in the morning here at the Church. Then we all went on a tour of the beaches and resorts here in Huatuclo. It was amazing to see some of the sights that are here. While we were taking pictures on the beach we saw a member that is a snorkel guide, and he was pulling sea creatures out of the ocean so we could see them.  One of them was a Puffer fish. So that was a fun activity and I got burned really bad.
We have an investigator that is making a lot of progress here. It is amazning to see him change and also to see the members help him through this change that is happening.  He went to the Christmas Devotional and loved it. I am really excited to be here and work with the people!
Keep reading and going to the temple!
Love you all,
Elder Moore

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