Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

El Diezmo

That’s really cool that you are all participating in the work and that you have a chance right in the house to preach the gospel. That should be a really good experience for the family and for Becca so she can get ready to serve a mission. It’s still weird to me that Becca will be farther along in school than me when I get back. And that’s awesome that Rachael is dating a lot. Hopefully she will be finding with the hedge-trimmer (haha).

This week has been interesting.  I have definitely seen that tithing makes a big difference in a Branch or Ward. IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO PAY TITHING!!! Keep doing it. I know Dad and Mom you guys were a great example to me and always payed your tithing … even when it was a little rough at times. But I saw that you always payed and even gave fast offerings. If the parents are FULL tithe payers, the whole family will receive BIG blessings. And it hurts to see a family not take advantage of that great blessing. If a father doesn’t pay his tithing, he can’t enter the temple and receive the protection and blessings that come from that, and he can’t use his Priesthood worthily to bless his family. It’s not even a Celestial law … and there are many more things I could say. But the opposite is true: If a father does pay his tithing, he can receive all the blessing that God has for him. Keep paying your tithing!!
Love you all.
Elder Moore
Feliz Navidad in Huatulco

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  1. We couldn’t agree more, Christopher. When I look at the picture of the family and realize the incredible blessing they are I sometimes don’t see the little things that go into bringing that huge eternal blessing, little things like tithing.

    My parents ALWAYS paid their tithing. I always paid my tithing. Grandpa and I have always paid our tithing. I don’t think we ever thought of not paying it. That is the curious thing. It was never a thought. Tithing is like receiving the lottery on the condition you will give a tenth of the prize back. Duh! It doesn’t take much intelligence to decide that 90% of the lottery is a good deal! Why do humans think of what they don’t get instead of what they do get? Oh right, we are fallen creatures and it takes a Redeemer to lift us from our lost and fallen state. Perhaps we ought to talk about 90% free instead of paying 10% of something that was a gift in the first place.

    We’re having a great year. Missions are the best and with this one we get to combine a working for the Lord in the Temple, the Temple and Missionary Department AND in the family.

    It would be a good idea for you to write Ashton. When I called him on Monday night he had to say he would call back. He was at the YSA FHE. He is doing well. It is prayers answered. I believe he is on his way. His Bishop wants to see him receive the Melchezidek Priesthood in several months. He won’t want to take that step until he’s more sure. You could help with that. Keith is sure helping. We’ll be spending Christmas with Dan and DaLynn and their family. We are super excited.

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