Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

El Calor de La Navidad

That’s cool that our house is a big social place. it sounds like there is a party every night there. And the family Christmas party sounded really good. Thats super funny that Ashton was Santa. And it’s good to here that you have all provided an environment where Edgen, if that’s how you spell his name, could feel the Spirit.

Right now the Rama (branch) and missionary work are doing really well.  Typically, this time of year the work is a little down because everyone, all the natives, take advantage of the tourist season and work all day. There are a lot of white people here right now. It’s a little weird to see people a lot taller than me that speak English. but we are doing well. Over here it really just feels like any other day of the year because it is still hot and really sunny. but every now and then I hear Christmas music in the street and realize that it is snowing and super cold up there in Utah. Right now going back to the cold doesn’t sound very fun. I love the heat now and I love to sweat. It’s weird how I like it now, but I am used to it.
I love this time of year thinking about the birth of Christ. Right now I am studying his life and it was amazing how he did everything!  I am in awe when I read about some of the the miracles that he performed.  But then I take a step back and think – He created the universe and created many worlds before He created ours. He already had a lot of experience as a creator.  So to him those were small acts of service and love. He always turned outward to help others. I love my Savior and Redeemer. My most important treasure that I have is to know that he lives and loves me. Thanks for all your love and support!  Enjoy this Christmas!!
Love you all!
Elder Moore
P.S.  Here is a picture of me at a view of the beach and the other of one of the most famous foods here in Oaxaca: the beloved Talayuda.
 Christopher at beach overlookTalayuda

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  1. Christopher, thank you for the Christmas present. It was the best. Your testimony of the Savior reached into my soul and filled it with light. I was studying Him this morning, what he knew when he came to earth, how he grew in knowledge as His Father was revealed to him because he only did those things he saw his father do. This was his Spirit and his mortal father and Jesus, having achieved the stature of God before birth knew the source of example, teaching, guidance, His Father. Then he, like Joseph Smith, made it his motto, “when the Lord speaks, do it.”
    Jesus got his blood and the ability to die from his mother. He got his immortality, eternal life, from His Father in Heaven. Thus he came into the world with both the ability to die and the ability to live forever in the manner of God, not just in duration. And His mission was well understood before coming here, indeed before the foundations of this earth were laid. That was the message of Jehovah throughout the Old Testament. It is amazing how whole the picture is throughout the different but same scriptures. Iam so grateful for His infinite love and that of His Father in giving us the Son. And grateful to you for teaching it and living it. Have the best of merry Christmases. This is your last in their mission field. I hope there will be many more for you in the mission field however. Life is a mission. Our love forever Moore,
    Nana and Poppi

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