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Serving Investigators, Members & Fellow Missionaries

This week was really good.  We had an Investigator come to church for the first time!!! It was awesome and it is always a good feeling to see them walk through the door with a member! He is reading and progressing really well. When we first met him he really didn’t know if there was a God. But now he has had some experiences in his prayers to help him with that. I love to see people exercise their faith and then see it grow. I love how the gospel is so simple.

We had a good experience with a joven (young lady) we are helping right now in the branch. She finally opened up to us and told us something very important that was stopping her from progressing. So we explained the process of repentance and how to actually do it, and we have set goals with her so she can break off the chains that have been holding her back and become free. The most amazing thing to me is that Christ can heal a broken soul. He doesn’t only heal and cure people physically, but he can heal the very soul.  It is an amazing process and a huge blessing that he has given us. It will be fun to see her progress.

I also had the opportunity to give a blessing to a sick Hermana (Sister) in the zone and it was just a really good experience. We all felt the power of the Priesthood and I was able to be an instrument so that she was able to get guidance in this time of her life. I am grateful for the opportunity to have the Priesthood and use it to bless others. Stay worthy to exercise and receive the blessings of the Priesthood.

Love you all!

Elder Moore

Viaje a Oaxaca

This week we traveled to Oaxaca!  The trip was good but also a little exhausting. It was a 9 hour bus ride one way (so 18 in total) but a really good experience!

We started off talking about the desafios (challenges) of the Mission and what we need to do to improve them.  Then we broke up into groups to receive revelation and talk about how we can help in certain areas. My group chose obedience. It was a really good topic to think about, and after that we started with a fast and went to the temple.  That was the first time I had entered the temple for  six months – I was really excited and it was a really good session! I love going to the temple! I know it is the house of the lord and that we can receive further light and knowledge there, if we seek it. I have told you guys this many times but take advantage of having a temple so close and go often.

Elder Moore
P.S.  Here is a pic of me and one of my old comps and another missionary I lived with for a while. The one on the left is Elder Cameron and Elder Haug is on the right.
Christopher with Elders Cameron and Haug at Oaxaca Temple

The Blessings & Challenges of Missionary Work at the Start of the Year

Thank you so much for the package!  I loved the pics, and enjoyed the decorations and Christmas candy. That’s super weird to hear that Becca is seriously dating boys.  And everyone is growing up.  Keith and Miriam looked the most changed during the call, but Keith looks super different with the long hair. I also hear that Kyle is tearing it up with 3 triple-doubles! And also Tyler. Pure Utah talent going hard – that’s what I like to hear. No way – Edward is home?! That is super weird. Now he will be laughing a ton with his two brothers. Everyone will start to come home soon. It’s going to be a big change.

Below is a picture of me in a pueblo outside of my area called St. Maria Huatulco. In the picture there is a dummy that they traditionally at the beginning of the New Year.  They burn it and it represents all the bad habits that they have and that they are going to change. That’s a tradition here in Oaxaca.

This week has been a little tough, but now everything is almost back to normal with vacations and everything.  Because there are a lot of tourists here, all the locals are super busy. But we talked with a few people and I actually contacted in English; I felt really weird and–to be honest–I don’t really like it. it just feels really unnatural talking about and preaching the gospel in English. I have really become accustomed to learning the gospel in Spanish.  The other day I looked in my English scriptures for the first time in a while and it is weird how they talk. So that was a new experience.
In addition to its challenges, this week had several highlights.  One of my favorite experiences was giving a blessing to one of the Hermanas (Sisters) in the zone.  She asked for a blessing of comfort because she needs some help right now.  When I gave her the blessing I felt the power of the Priesthood really strongly, and I knew the Lord put the words she needed to hear in my mouth, and that she felt the comfort that comes from the Priesthood.
It is fun helping and serving others when they need it. Keep looking for small ways to serve others. I know you guys do a great job with that.
Love you all!
Elder Moore
Christopher with companion and New Years dummy in St Maria

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