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Missionary Testimony

I have come to know my Savior a lot more in these past couple of weeks. He went through a lot! And all of it for us and because he loves us.

I just want you all to know that He lives! The power of the atonement is real and I have seen it in my life and in the lives of many others. I know I am far away in Oaxaca, but the feelings of the gospel are the same. I love reading the scriptures! One thing I am looking forward to is reading and using all the books that we have. The word heals the wounded soul. It is through the light that the word imparts to its readers that comfort and peace are imparted to the soul and heal it.  I love the Lord. I am his servant and forever will be.

Love you all!

Elder Moore

By Small & Simple Things

Well, we had some really good experiences this week. We found a new investigator this and the lesson with her was amazing; her name is Carmen.  She started out telling us that her son convinced her that we are all sinners and that we are all going to hell. She looked depressed, so we taught her about our loving Heavenly Father and her divine potential as a daughter of God. It was really interesting to see her spirit respond to the message. During the whole lesson you could see a hope starting to grow because deep down she wants that.  We are all made to want to become like God, so it was awesome to see her reaction and the change she made as well.

Also we taught a member. We teach members here in this mission, and I learn a ton from teaching them!  This member’s daughter married, had 4 children, her husband was called as a Stake President, and then the husband decided he didn’t want anything to do with the Church and left. The kids were affected by it and all the neighbors too. So while she told us everything, we listened and shared a message of hope that she needed badly. After lessons like that I always look back and think – wow, I am 20 years old, have graduated from high school, attended a semester at the U, played sports my whole life, and more things like that. Then I think that, to the world, I am the most unqualified person to help her out. Then I think, well, I have the Priesthood, I know that Christ lives and that he performed a perfect atonement, and I have been called by a Prophet of God to bring people to Christ.  So to God, I am the most qualified for the job.

It’s amazing what the gospel can do. And the knowledge one obtains in the mission is amazing and a huge blessing. I love the mission and I love my Savior. Keep going to the temple and reading!

Love you all!

Elder Moore

Finishing Strong

That’s sweet that Becca is going to serve in Ecuador!  I have a Sister in my District from there!

This week has been very edifying for me. I have really focused on trying to do better with my prayers, studies, teaching and everything. This is when I can get that ‘last push’ in. I compare my last change / assignment to a game or working out. The last couple of minutes or seconds are crucial in a game and in working out.  Those last couple of reps that really burn are what give you the strength, just as we work out to get those last couple of reps in that really hurt. I need to finish really strong and get that last change in that is really going to give me a lot of growth.

I have felt the Lord’s hand this week and we have had wonderful experiences. On Tuesday we contacted someone in a tienda (store) and she let us teach here in the store so we taught her two times last week and she went to church! I really love the last lesson we had with her. We taught her about Christ’s life and what he did and then we led her into a cliff-hanger, recounting the great apostasy and she had a lot of questions, which is a big sign that she wants to learn.  You can only learn through questions. We left her with an assignment to read and she is going to search for answers. That is how we are helping people here become self reliant. I can’t wait to have the next lesson with her!  Also, a returned Sister missionary here is helping to fellowship and teach her, so she has a friend right now in the Ward. Things are going well.

Love all of you! And I hope we are all keeping up with the ‘apresurando la obra’ (hastening the work). If we don’t, we will be left behind.

Love you all,

Elder Moore

Here’s the ‘bano exterior’ (outhouse):

El bano exterior

Last Transfer – Now in Dainzu

Well just to let you all know – I am no longer in Huatulco. I am now in a area called Dainzu.  I’m in a city and it is cold! I am excited to be here and I am on the last leg.

Right now my asignación (assignment) is weird – they put me as menor (Jr. Companion) but also as District Leader. I am super happy that I get to teach every week. I just also saw some of my generation (MTC group) leave for home. It was weird; you will get to know them soon. I don’t have much time, but thanks for everything!

Love you all!

Elder Moore

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