Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Gospel Perspectives

This week my comp and I had some good experiences, and we’ve seen some good signs in our area. Our Ward Mission Leader is now working hand in hand with us. He has struggled a lot in his life, having gone through two marriages and experienced a lot of other things. He really opened up to us and expressed that he needs help, so we helped him as much as we could and then turned him to the Source. He recently gave us a referral and it’s his girlfriend, who has lots of potential, so that turned out well.

Also I want to share with you all some confirmations I have had this week.  First, a quote from Tadd R. Callister: “With increased vision comes increased motivation.”  If we have an eternal perspective on things, we will know for sure what we need to do and we will feel a desire to do it. People who don’t obey are disobedient because they don’t see the point and don’t feel a desire to obey because their vision is so limited and they don’t understand their divine potential as a child of God. If they knew who God was and that he was just like us and had to obey to progress, they would do the same. We need increased vision.

Second, we were some one before this life. If we could see who we were we would be very surprised about some of our actions and feelings toward some things. We were very valiant in the testimony of Christ before this life and while here on earth we need to do the same. If you want to study more on that topic, I invite you to do so.
Keep being obedient and going to the temple!
Love you all,
Elder Moore

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