Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

La Expiacion

This week has been amazing! It is really fun and energizing to see the atonement change people’s lives – both investigators and missionaries. It is very important for a missionary to gain a testimony of the atonement, and to know that God exists and is loving, just and merciful. Some missionaries come and they struggle because they haven’t come with the right mindset, but over a couple of weeks or months it’s amazing to see the change that they experience.

The atonement is for the unworthy who need to be cleaned and the worthy who need strength to stay clean and keep being sanctified. That is the process we are all in. It is very interesting what the word sacrament means ‘Instrumento para hacer santo’ (instrument to make holy). That’s what it is for; it’s there so we can continue to be sanctified by the spirit and blood of Christ. To those who are sanctified there are big promeses (promises) and blessing that we receive.

Keep being worth to recieve the blessing that God has for each one of you.

Love you all!

Elder Moore

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  1. Christopher,

    We’re excited to have you home! The thought of returning home is, I’m sure, exciting for you, but the thought of leaving your life as a missionary is bitter. It’s quite an event … one you’ll do great with. Keep up the great work!

    I’m out of town the weekend of your homecoming. Several of our family will be down, but I won’t. I’ll catch up to you soon.

    Un abrazo de oso,


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