Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

El Calor de La Navidad

That’s cool that our house is a big social place. it sounds like there is a party every night there. And the family Christmas party sounded really good. Thats super funny that Ashton was Santa. And it’s good to here that you have all provided an environment where Edgen, if that’s how you spell his name, could feel the Spirit.

Right now the Rama (branch) and missionary work are doing really well.  Typically, this time of year the work is a little down because everyone, all the natives, take advantage of the tourist season and work all day. There are a lot of white people here right now. It’s a little weird to see people a lot taller than me that speak English. but we are doing well. Over here it really just feels like any other day of the year because it is still hot and really sunny. but every now and then I hear Christmas music in the street and realize that it is snowing and super cold up there in Utah. Right now going back to the cold doesn’t sound very fun. I love the heat now and I love to sweat. It’s weird how I like it now, but I am used to it.
I love this time of year thinking about the birth of Christ. Right now I am studying his life and it was amazing how he did everything!  I am in awe when I read about some of the the miracles that he performed.  But then I take a step back and think – He created the universe and created many worlds before He created ours. He already had a lot of experience as a creator.  So to him those were small acts of service and love. He always turned outward to help others. I love my Savior and Redeemer. My most important treasure that I have is to know that he lives and loves me. Thanks for all your love and support!  Enjoy this Christmas!!
Love you all!
Elder Moore
P.S.  Here is a picture of me at a view of the beach and the other of one of the most famous foods here in Oaxaca: the beloved Talayuda.
 Christopher at beach overlookTalayuda

El Diezmo

That’s really cool that you are all participating in the work and that you have a chance right in the house to preach the gospel. That should be a really good experience for the family and for Becca so she can get ready to serve a mission. It’s still weird to me that Becca will be farther along in school than me when I get back. And that’s awesome that Rachael is dating a lot. Hopefully she will be finding with the hedge-trimmer (haha).

This week has been interesting.  I have definitely seen that tithing makes a big difference in a Branch or Ward. IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO PAY TITHING!!! Keep doing it. I know Dad and Mom you guys were a great example to me and always payed your tithing … even when it was a little rough at times. But I saw that you always payed and even gave fast offerings. If the parents are FULL tithe payers, the whole family will receive BIG blessings. And it hurts to see a family not take advantage of that great blessing. If a father doesn’t pay his tithing, he can’t enter the temple and receive the protection and blessings that come from that, and he can’t use his Priesthood worthily to bless his family. It’s not even a Celestial law … and there are many more things I could say. But the opposite is true: If a father does pay his tithing, he can receive all the blessing that God has for him. Keep paying your tithing!!
Love you all.
Elder Moore
Feliz Navidad in Huatulco

A Long & Tiring P-day

That was cool seeing Brother Durrant up on that stand giving the closing prayer at the Christmas Devotional. And those messages were amazing. I loved all the stories thay shared of people helping others. I also loved all their testimonies, but Eyring’s was especially good – I liked his a lot!

Today has been fun, but I am really tired! The Elders here in Huatulco played Soccer, Basketball, and Football in the morning here at the Church. Then we all went on a tour of the beaches and resorts here in Huatuclo. It was amazing to see some of the sights that are here. While we were taking pictures on the beach we saw a member that is a snorkel guide, and he was pulling sea creatures out of the ocean so we could see them.  One of them was a Puffer fish. So that was a fun activity and I got burned really bad.
We have an investigator that is making a lot of progress here. It is amazning to see him change and also to see the members help him through this change that is happening.  He went to the Christmas Devotional and loved it. I am really excited to be here and work with the people!
Keep reading and going to the temple!
Love you all,
Elder Moore

Thanksgiving Mexico Style

Wow – sounds like you guys had a blast! And you all lucked out and got two Thanksgiving dinners with the two sides of the family.

This Thanksgiving I went to Soriana – it’s like the Walmart of Mexico, with a good friend named Elder Whitehead.  We each ate a whole chicken with tortillas and salsa. So it was a little different, but it was good. And instead of a Turkey Bowl we played basketball under the burning hot sun while the Mission President was doing interviews. It was really fun.

This week we also had a Christmas program. We started off with a talent show, and me and a couple Elders got together and sang. It was really funny because none of us could really sing, so it was more of an act.
I’m happy to hear that everthing is going really well.  Keep doing the small and simple things and strive to be obedient and keep your covenants. I love the lord and all of you as well.
Elder Moore
It’s not turkey, but here is a picture of some tasty seafood …

The Pleasing Word

That is the Amazing!!! I am so happy that they are taking the right steps to put things in order. That is the answer to many prayers. I love what Nana said “The Father has employed the power of the atonement in their behalf. The sealing covenant of generations is taking effect. Don’t ever disbelieve the power of that binding covenant, live it, believe it.”  That is powerfull! Even though I am not there with the family watching it unfold, I can feel it.

This week we found someone named David. His past is really crazy. He has done a lot of things and is really dicouraged with himself and where he is. And he can’t feel like he can change because he has tried before but has just made the situation worse every time. So after we got to know him and what he needs, we started to teach him about the liberating power of the atonement. Up to this point in his life he has listened to many missionaries from other religions, but he was really taken back with what we talked about. So we continued to teach him and it was interesting to look into his eyes and see his facial expressions.  You could tell his spirit was responding to what was being said. He was recieving the message. Thinking later on that moment i thought of Jacob 2:8 which states: “And it supposeth me that they have come up hither to hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul.”  In that moment his soul was being healed by the ‘pleasing word of God’.  It was amazing to see the Word take root and start to heal his soul. I love reading the scriptures and I testify that they heal wounds that can’t be seen on the outside. Keep reading the Word.
Love you all!
Elder Moore 
P.S.  Here is some soup that an Hermana gave us. It’s made of water, cactus, tomato, onion, egg, and a fish.
Sopa de pescado

I don’t know if I read that part right when Rachael told me that Keith went to DISNEY ON ICE instead of a BYU football game. Wow – he is hooked! He use to make fun of Disney On Ice on the TV, and now he won’t miss those for anything. He starts to wear a helmet, then one thing leads to another, and now he is going to Disney On Ice instead of a BYU football game. I’ll have to see if I recognize him when I get back.

This week was good we had some good lessons with investigators and menos activos (less actives). We visited an Hermana who hasn’t come to Church for a while. We taught her about the Atonement and what she needs to do to use it. It was such a simple lesson but really powerful. Even though the Atonement is the center of the gospel, it is the most in-depth part. I honestly don’t know how Christ did it, and I am unable to comprehend it, but I do accept it by faith. I have felt it and know it is real. So in this lesson my companion and I bore testimony of the Atonement and the reality of it. And I know she felt the spirit. It was such a simple lesson, but there was a profound impression left that night.

I want you all to know that Christ lives and that the Atonement is real! All we have to do is obey to receive his tender mercies. And our Father is loving and perfect in everything.  He is perfectly happy and knows exactly what we need to live the same lifestyle. I love you all and families can be together forever!

Elder Moore
P.S. Here are some fish I saw this morning on the beach.
Christohper - foto de peces de la mar


Today was changes (transfers). I am staying in Huatulco and my comp left. I am going to miss him. We got along really well and we had some amazing experiences here. I sent a picture (below) of what we got to celebrate his last night here. It was my first time in 20 months eating a lot of that stuff because you can’t find it here. It’s only in this area because there are a lot of tourists here. But there is a bad thing about having a good comp, it’s when he leaves. But that’s part of the mission and there is a time for everything. This is my comp number 16, so I am kind of use to it right now.

Dad that is an amazing poem, I love it. That’s what it is all about. We are here to progress through obedience. That’s good that Rachael is dating a lot. And that is super funny about Keith, how he wouldn’t wear a helmet until the brother of his girlfriend gave him one to wear. Looks like Keith is getting ready to be ‘companero menor’ (Jr. Companion) again! Our Mission President made a super funny joke about being ‘companero menor’ for 30+ years to his wife. And Becca going disco skating – classic. Miriam has grown up in a different situation. Her whole life has been pure young adult activities. Thanks for all of your prayers. I have grown to love the Lord more doing his work here in Oaxaca than ever. I love the gospel and I am so grateful for the peace and happiness it brings when we are obedient. I love you all – have a great week!

Elder Moore
P.S. Here is a picture of some recien conversos (recent converts) here in the ward. She is preparing to go to the temple.
Christopher despidiendo companero en Huatulco2 Christopher despidiendo companero en Huatulco

El Don Del Espiritu Santo

That’s super funny what dad said about Keith, how he is a true “Cougar” fan. That’s good Dad is doing an awesome job in his calling, and that Rachael is going on a lot of dates. It’s going to weird to go home and see Becca in college. Wow – I just thought of something super scary: she is going to be farther along in school than I will be!

This week was a great week, but a big let down on Sunday because no one came to Church.  My comp and I found some really good people and I am really excited to teach them. We found an old investigator this week and one of the first things he told us is that he wants to be baptized. So that was really nice and a huge blessing, He’s already been to church and knows a little about the gospel. He is 17 and we are going to try and prepare him for a mission.

This week has been amazing, i realized again how little we do as misioneros and how much the Lord does in preparing each one of his children for their appointed time to hear the gospel. All the lord requires of us is to be clean and do the best we can. If we have the Spirit we are going to be successful. We need to always strive to have the Spirit. Also if we want to know if our thoughts, desires and actions are acceptable before God, we just need to see if we have the Spirit. What a wonderful gift God has given us! We as mortals have the opportunity to enjoythe presence of one of the members of the Godhead; we will have the spirit IF we obey.

Thanks for all your prayers and support! I love you all.

Elder Moore
P.S. Here are pics of part of my area and of a cruise ship in port
Hillside in HuatulcoCruise Ship in Huatulco

Serving in a Branch

This week was really good! We are seeing the work progress here in many ways and of course there are hard parts, but it is fun being out here in a Branch where you get to learn a lot about how the structure of the Branch is and help to see if ordinances are being done properly. I think that is so interesting how the ordinances need to be done just as the Lord revealed. Anything mas o menos (more or less) is not acceptable. Whenever I think of performing an ordinance or offering a sacrifice a little different than how the Lord revealed I think of Cain. He didn’t offer the sacrifice how the Lord had revealed and therfore suffered the consequences. He just didnt have the faith to do it and as a result of that he has zero faith right now. So it is a great learning experience being here in this Branch.

Sorry I haven’t sent a pic for a while, but I’ll get one soon. I love all of you; keep doing the small and simple things.
Elder Moore


This week was good. During one of the juntas (meetings) there was a little earthquake so we were all in the Church building when everything started to shake; it got a little loud but then calmed down.

This week we had a good experience with finding a new investigator. So my comp and I were shopping in Soriana on Monday (p-day) and a lady came up to us and asked if we are the Mormons; we told her we are. She said that she had lots of questions and wanted some help in her life. Then she said that she had questions about Melchizedek and we were a little surprised because it’s not every day that some random person has a question about Melchizedek. So we went to go teach her and it turned out she was having a really hard time and had heard that we have the Priesthood, that we give blessings, and she wanted one. We gave her a blessing and she felt the power of the Priesthood really strong; she now knows that it is real.
It was a really good experience to be ready to give aid to someone who needed it. And that experience has made me think about all the blessings I received from dad and how they blessed my life and gave me guidance. So thanks for everything.
Love you all!
Elder Moore

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