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Un Milagro

This week we had a miracle happen. A mother of a boy we are teaching finally gave him permission to be baptized! We went with a couple members to their house and talked with her and she finally let herself feel the Spirit and gave her son permission. He has good friends in the Ward and a couple of member families live right next to him, so that is a blessing.

I am learning a lot right now in the mission from my companion and it’s fun. Keep going to the temple and praying every day.

Love you all!

Elder Moore


The Sword of Light

How did you guys find out that I am Zone Leader? I haven’t said anything, but i like it – I get to meet and talk with more missionaries and help them out, and i get to train more people. I like more responsibility because it gives me the opportunity to grow faster.

That is crazy that Tanner is already home! Did you guys get my pics of Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper?  (included below) You could say that my Bishop is a little obsessed with Star Wars, so we tried on all his stuff – it was fun. 

This month looks better for the zone.  We have to baptize every week so we are really trying to do that, and in order to do that we need to find a lot more people so that’s what we are doing.  We have more baptisms projected for this month than we have had before so that is really good.
Our Mission President, President Leyva, is almost gone.  He is going really soon, and then we get a new president.  It will be really interesting how that all works; I’m a little excited to experience that, but sad that Pres. Leyva is going because he is powerful. But our new President (Madison) will be good.
Love you guys! have a good week and see you on Skype on Mother’s Day!!!
Elder Moore 

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